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Career Report

A good and fulfilling career is essential for overall success in life. Lal Kitab Guruji, in this comprehensive report, will tell you what career you should go for, what are your prospects in different ...

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Ancestral Debts

"Debts are curse", isn't it? Debts are always a burden either in the form of money or in the form of evil planets. Materialistic debts are waived after some time somehow, whether you pay or not, but p ...

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Birth Time Rectification

"Only time can reveal the past present and future", you can never get correct predictions if you do not have correct birth time. Accurate birth time is called as AA rated. Nobody can really know his/h ...

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Lal Kitab Horoscope

Get your Lal Kitab Horoscope consultation from Lal Kitab Guruji with do's and don't as per your birth chart, complete lifetime remedies regarding your health, finance, career, education etc. To av ...

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I have consulted many astrologers and I can easily tell there are not many astrologers who can give an in-depth analysis like Mr. Chetan and also explain the rules of prediction with a video presentation. This gives confidence in the prediction that it will be accurate and rightly so Mr. Chetan has been very accurate. He is very communicative, connects with the client very well and is very patient in explaining the situation. I was deeply satisfied with the report that was provided to me and I am very sure this can give lot of understanding to those who are in need of knowing what destiny holds for them. I would recommend Mr. Chetan to anyone who is in need and who is interested in astrology. Those who have some knowledge in astrology will thoroughly enjoy all his reports & presentations. I wish him great success !

(S. Rajkumar)


Horoscope Analysis-6

जन्मपत्री विश्ल& ...


Horoscope Analysis-5

जन्मपत्री विश्ल& ...