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Progeny/Child Birth

Child birth after marriage is considered as a blessing of God and it is one of the happiest moments in the life of married couple as well as their extended family. Becoming parent is a conscious decis ...

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Ancestral Debts

"Debts are curse", isn't it? Debts are always a burden either in the form of money or in the form of evil planets. Materialistic debts are waived after some time somehow, whether you pay or not, but p ...

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Love/Marriage Report

"Marriages are made in Heaven but solemnized on Earth", is a very popular belief about marriage. But not all marriages are 'bed of roses', many marriages break due to variety of reasons. So, here ...

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Career Report

A good and fulfilling career is essential for overall success in life. Lal Kitab Guruji, in this comprehensive report, will tell you what career you should go for, what are your prospects in different ...

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I am not a person.. rather i would say I was not a person who believed in astrology but one day I happened to see some videos on u-tubbe by Chetan ji. Since my wife belives in astrology, I looked at my horoscope and tried to tally what all was mentioned in the videos. I was surprised with so many facts. Then I thought if such generic videos can be so powerful then way not get personalised complete study of my horoscope. The report provided by Chetan Ji was so true and accurate. I have started follwing the upayas mentioned, though I am yet to do all of them. But I have already started feeling the difference. My belief in astrology have really got strong. Thank you Chetan ji for answering my endless question, you did not just study my horoscope but also acted as a great support. Always available to clear any kind of doubts. Thank you once again. People who are thinking of reach out to Chetan ji,dont wait do it now. Its remarkable.

(Dinesh Khatri)


10 Vastu Shastra Tips For Happy Homes

If you go to any lengths to ward off the “evil eye”, Vastushastra is a science you should turn to, t ...


Astrology Quotes

"There is nothing in the world like a horoscope to help a man in the acquisition of wealth, to save ...